Sacramento Mountain Weavers Mini Farm & Weaving Studio

Weaving is all about patterns, color, fibers, and textures combined together to create the fabrics used in nearly every product we have in our homes.
Consider your surroundings. Every soft surface in your home, car, office, and closet are almost all created by weaving. There are as many different ways to weave as there are artists trying to express themselves.
Weaving is a combination of math, artistic design, and even random accidents. Deciding how many ends per inch, how many inches in width, and colors you want to blend in the warp are only the first steps.
Creating a pattern design in a handwoven rug is as much an art as is painting a scene on an artist's canvas. Handwoven rugs are a continuing legacy passed on from generation to generation.

Please visit our Studio often as we are always weaving new and vibrant handwovens!